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"Africana youth can be Africana WoManist.  According to Dr. Clenora Hudson-Weems:  "We are committed to properly preparing our youths for conscious responsibilities.  If we fail our youth, our leaders of tomorrow, then we have truly failed us all--our children, ourselves and our future generations" (Hudson-Weems).


Children's Website: Free access to hundreds of educational games, activities, worksheets, lessonsWelcome to our Children's Website! Free access to hundreds of educational games, activities, worksheets, lessons &  top schools websites for all Kids including teens. You will also find links to Kids' toys, clothes and health issues (


The Black Facts Calendar

Black Facts Calendars 

The Black Facts Calendars provide date specific "Black Facts" based on years of experience with African world history, Black history and New Afrikan history. The calendars are dedicated to the goal that Black Studies and the rich history of African descended people will assume its rightful place in enriching the lives of people across the world. 
 To Be Popular or Smart: The Black Peer Group







To Be Popular or Smart:  The Black Peer Group by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu.  This book asks the questions why do some Black youth consider being smart synonymous with being white? What does blackness mean? How can we give youth the same confidence in academics as they possess in athletics and music? How can we use the peer group to reinforce academic achievement? Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu has been an educational consultant to school districts for more than 30 years and is the author of Black Students, Middle Class Teachers, Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys, and Keeping Black Boys Out of Special Education. He lives in Chicago (

Product DetailsHow to Teach Math to Black Students by Shahid Muhammad.  Ideal for classroom use, this companion to the teachers' textbook of the same name is geared toward African American students who have difficulty with math. The culturally relevant word problems aim to raise the racial achievement gap in mathematics by instilling confidence in struggling black students and to teach math in a less sterile, theoretical way. By invoking critical thinking skills, the workbook presents an essential understanding to basic math functions that can revolutionize a child's ability to progress through upper grades.  Shahid Muhammad is a math department chair for a Chicago area school and a former professor at Grambling University. He is the author of a series of DVDs under the nickname "The Math Doctor." He lives in Chicago (




Modeling and More....

Introducing the ultimate in training of young girls into the refined representations of the future....

New World Girls, founded by professional model and trainer extraordinaire LaZette Marie Muhammad. This program is designed to build a healthy self esteem while promoting modest dress and style. 

We will introduce female youth to our great ancestry of decorum and propriety once held by the Queens and Rulers of our mother land. It will give lessons on etiquette, elegance and modesty, traditionally passed on to future mothers and leaders of the community through example.

Training young girls from ages 6-18, through modeling training and personal development. Training camps will be offered in 3 *phases:
  • Phase   I - Introduction
  • Phase  II - Application
  • Phase III - Manifestation of Training

 * The level of intensity changes within each phase.

All phases will include: Posture clinic, Fitness, Hair, Skin & Nail Care, Etiquette, Wardrobe, and Fashion Show Practicum. These qualities are being developed to help build a healthy self-esteem and self worth, while changing the current image of beauty portrayed in the media and creating a new idea for their future role in society.




1998 Million Youth March

Brooklyn, New York


1998 Black Youth Rally

"Education NOT Incarceration"

The purpose of the rally was to present demands to the current and incoming provincial government, including:

An immediate repeal of the Ontario Safe Schools Act;
Support for TRUTH in education - changing the K-12 curriculum to include critical contributions of Black people to the development of World and Western civilization; Establishing K-12 Black-focused schools throughout the GTA; and Stopping the construction of the "Brampton super jail" and diverting the $250 million towards diversion, open custody, rehabilitation, and alternative schooling/training programs.