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The following is a list of AWS member publications--Book titles and Web sites with ordering information:

Her Listening Shapes The World by Peter Waters

The aim and objective of "Her listening shapes the world" is to:

    1). Stress the value of the female.
    2). Bring to mind the power of spoken & unspoken words.
    3). The cause & effects of communication.
    4). Expose sexism & abuse (silent killer).
    5). Go to the root of the problem (communicating with-out
         Love & Respect) of societies decadence.
    6). How to correct our failed attemps in reaching to one another through
    7). Re-Educate us on being affective communicators.
    8). To give insight & graphics how we as a people are ill effected by the
          misuse of language.
    9). To lead us back to talking to one another in the way we would talk to God.

"Upon discovering the origins of ideas and concepts that have men/women held captive, we are compelled to search for solutions or an exodus to deal with harsh realities, however beings reluctant to address concerns from one's own fears to confront the truth, which we must overcome to search within ourselves to find ANSWERS"-"To BE FREE!" -Peter W. Waters (


Ethcaste: PanAfrican Communalism and the Black Middleclass by Douglas Davidson, Ph.D.

Ethcaste is a theoretical analysis and interpretation of one of the most complex and controversial groups in U.S. society--the black middle class. While this group has received accolades from the liberal journalistic press as well as academia, it has also been highly criticized and oftentimes ridiculed by radical black political activists and intellectuals. This analysis represents an effort to clarify the larger black community as an oppressed group constrained by the capitalist racial dynamics of the dominant white society. In so doing, it summarizes and critiques the major theoretical approaches to the study of social class in U.S. sociology as well as the dominant theories of race and ethnic relations. Noting that most of this preceding scholarship has studied the black community from the perspective that blacks constitute a racial (thus non-cultural) group as opposed to an ethnic (distinct cultural) group, the author presents compelling evidence of the vitality of black American culture and argues persuasively that any analysis of the black middle class must locate it within the cultural dynamics of the larger black community. The core argument in the text is that the so-called racial struggle must be re-defined as a cultural struggle where the core values, norms, and beliefs of the black community have been and continue to be in an intense struggle for dominance with the core values, norms, and beliefs of the white community. In essence, the book offers an alternative model for describing and interpreting the historical and contemporary racial dynamics between the black and white communities (

Dr. Davidson received his B.A. from Tougaloo College (Tougaloo, Mississippi) in Sociology, M.S. from the Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, Illinois) in Sociology, and Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, also in Sociology.  He is a Associate Professor of Sociology at Western Michigan University, and lectures on Race and Ethnic Relations, Black Studies, and Multicultural Studies.


The Bakala of North America:  The Living Suns of Vitality:  In Search of a Living Name for African Americans by Asar Imhotep Asar Imhotep

Asar Imhotep is an independent historian and researcher focusing on African culture languages, philosophy and spiritual symbolism. His focus as of late has been a comparative study of ancient Nile Valley civilizations and their cultural connections to the Bantu of central and east Africa. This study has helped him to develop a comparative methodology he calls philosophical cognancy (the comparison of signs, symbols and ritual practices across African nations in a similar fashion to comparing cognates in linguistics). Asar Imhotep is a graduate of the University of Houston (

Esodus:  Internal Reflections and Conversations with the SUN by Asar Imhotep

Inspired by classical African meta-physics, Asar Imhotep (The Black Lotus) has compiled a compelling collection of essays and poetry that reflects his insights and perspectives on various issues, including the relevance of Satan, the error in obtaining freedom, the conceptual conductivity of the human body, the importance of emotions during a rite of passage, and the self-destructive nature of allowing your enemy to become your deity. Asar introduces to us a poetic discourse that is deeply rooted in an ethnopoetics whose tradition has heavily influenced the art of our time, such as Hip Hop. The themes range widely from the metaphysical (I am that I am), to the bliss of love (Let me love you), to the power of self-affirmation (I'm so Black), to the pure indulgence in classic word wizardry (Still not convinced). Esodus: Internal Reflections and Conversations with the Sun is sure to inspire you to think big, think often, think critically, and expand the boundaries of your imagination (


Brookwater's Curse:  Volume I & II by Steven Van Patten

Steven Van Patten is a Brooklyn native, raised in Fort Greene.  After graduating from Long Island University on a full tuition scholarship, he pursued a career in television production.  After paying his dues as a production assistant and later as an assistant lighting director for QVC, Steven went on to stage manage a plethora of TV shows, including MTV’s Total Request Live and BET Tonight w/ Ed Gordon. However, there was an idea haunting Steven.  A storyline born from watching horror movies as a child and noticing a lack of diversity, and character development when people of color were employed.  So after pouring over historical research night after night, and traveling alone to various locales, including West Africa and Osaka, Japan he wrote the Brookwater’s Curse vampire novel series. (