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"Men, women and children in it together."

Lu'el Ras Mesfin Haile Selassie I Jah Ras Tafari(c)

Joined Jan 1 2010
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blessed peace and love, my royal africana womanism society, human rights

concern all human beings, so we, the Nation of Jah Ras Tafari, are

challenging this corrupt unequal capitalistic global commercial system

of things, under I.M.F Vatican silent rulership and would love some

global exposure so that we can open up the peaceful way to meaningful

negotiations with the Vatican Holy See.


according to the fundamental principles laid down in 'collective

security' it is based of the security and protection of the INDIVIDUAL

against external acts of aggression. so since the Vatican is the only

non-commercial ecclesiastical realm not suffering from any food crisis

or money famine, then it should be safe to say, that it is a wise

decision to seek equal universal human rights and fundamental

commercial freedoms with Joseph Ratzinger (pope benedict xvi)


the scriptures said to, not focus on humanity's ups and downs through

life experiences and become judgmental; but to focus our intellectual

energy towards legally and lawfully deposing the pope of rome, in this



the Jesuits are a secret society of Jesus Christ, or elite

international bankers, who are more corrupt than any other human

beings on earth. they dont tell humanity how to fish (print private

capital for a countries own social and infra-structure development)

but they sure do give out fishes (financing debt instruments as lawful

commodity on the stock markets of the world)


even if the global tsunami seem too big for an individual to

challenge, it is all fear - false expectations appearing real, because

the government only exist to protect our rights.


so whenever a conscious human being, read the definition of a

voluntary citizen who gets citizens rights as a benefit that can be

taken at governments pleasure or secure yourself internationally and

become a private international human rights diplomat that defends

humanity's human rights.


this is the true work of the most high Jahnoy (Ethiopian Emperor) who

ascended the throne of David in 1930, and reigneth for over 40 years

in our generation. a true king and monarch that holds the title

sovereign law-giver from the tribe of judah.


so the highest christian to walk the planet in our time, has written

the universal declaration for human rights charter (covenant) and

gifted it to the general assembly in 1948 to adopt in the west.


unity is key, as Ethiopia shall now stretch forth her hands unto her

indigenous children all over the globe, and resurrect them with a new

commercial life, with equal international protection, under human

rights law, but only to those who trust and obey the divine covenant -

U.N charter for all humankind


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