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Members' Pubs

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Some AWS members' book(s) are posted on the AWS Web site.  Comment on your book.  Tell us about it.  What inspired you to write the book?

The Economy is on a decline and the jobless rate is increasing--How are you and family handling it?

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:dry: Are you downsizing?  (i.e. house-to-apartment, buying less clothes, clipping coupons, etc.) 

Also, share your methods of cutting household expeditures, cooking/"stretching meals,"  job hunting techniques, entrepeneurial ide...

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The Africana WoManist Newsletter

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Want to comment on an article you just read in The Africana WoManist NewsletterHere's the place!

The African Diaspora

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BAIN TVonline

Topic:  The African Diaspora

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How do you define the African diaspora?  What is the connection of African people throughout the Americas and the African continent?  Is there unity throughout the African diaspora?  If ...

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Africana Womanism: Reclaiming Ourselves

“Africana Womanism is neither an outgrowth nor an addendum to feminism. Africana Womanism is not  Black feminism, Africana feminism, or Walker’s womanism that some Africana women have come to embrace” (Hudson-Weems, 1993).

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